Exclusive Interview with Herve Racaud Executive Director of Planete Chic

March 1st, 2011

Herve Racaud owner and director of Planete Chic a fashion production company (www.planetechic.com) granted Lolita an interview following the presentation of  designer Svetlana Horvat’s Challenges Collection at the Carnegie Institute.

Herve Racaud of Planete Chic and designer Svetlana Horvat

Lolita: “Good evening Herve, tell us what is the purpose of Planete Chic?”
Herve: “Planete chic highlights International emerging designers and help them presenting their collections in the US fashion scene during Fashion Weeks. Planete Chic assists them in promoting their lines and we do the entire production of the show including PR, Models management, partnership with luxury brands, post promotion of the line while respecting the highest standards of the Fashion Industry.”

Lolita: “How does Planete Chic select the designers to promote especially those less known designers ?”
Herve: “They need to have a quality line with great potential and be able to face potential buyers requests. We strongly believe on new talents and they come from everywhere. They are the future of the Fashion Industry. In the case of Svetlana Horvat, I had the chance to know her personally for a little while and her work is amazing. She received extraordinary support from renowed names such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Marcellous Jones, Executive director at The Fashion Insider when she presented in Paris. It was the right time for her to present her collection here. You can find out more in her website at sveltlanahorvat.com and/or in the Planete Chic Website.”

Lolita: “What did you think of Svetlana’s work, her oriental inspiration lines, woven leather outfits and oversized ethnic inspired headwear?”
Herve: “Svetlana is very know for her intricate and sophisticated designs. She does presents amazing outfits with oriental inspiration, and influence or reference to traditional costumes from Serbia. Her work is widely recognized in her home country and she gets a lot of support and praise from established designers in Paris. Her collection called “the truth” was presented in Paris in the past Fashion week season “La mode a Paris”.

Lolita: “After this successful event, what is the next event or collection Planete chic will produce?”
Herve: “We mainly focus on Fashion Weeks productions so next is Fall/Winter 2011 collections during New York Fashion Week on February 2011.”

For the latest fashion show produced in New York by Planete chic see Designer Artemiza Cruz Lavill collection F/W 2011 presented at NY fashion week and viewable at www.planetechic.com

Lolita: “Merci Herve, thank you for kindly granting this interview.”
Herve: “Thank you for your support.”

Svetlana Horvat Challenges Collection viewable at www.planetechic.com

Interview by Helene Combe-Meister journalist and reporter for Lolita Trends.

3 Responses to “Exclusive Interview with Herve Racaud Executive Director of Planete Chic”

  1. Fantastic interview you two, love the choices Herve, fabulous!

  2. Helene says:

    Thank you Louisa! Herve is just such a great speaker and fashion passionate too :-)

  3. It is a pleasure Helene, always wonderful to see Herve shine, such a great article, many kudos to you. Have a beautiful weekend…

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